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Welcome to the herd

Join us!

All hikes are DONATION based

Only 9 spots available each hike

We believe and follow

Leave No Trace principles

10 hikers will limit our impact on the trail













We hike at your level and carry a Garmin In-reach Mini tracker and SOS device for your protection. If you'd like to rent trekking poles we have plenty ($10). We suggest you wear good hiking shoes and carry a daypack with water and snacks. We will have back-ups just in case ; )

CALL 276.242.2825




I want to share my passion for hiking with you. Hiking allows me the opportunity to clear my head as I cover miles leading to the reward of a spectacular view, a stunning sunset, or refreshing waterfall.  Along the way, I enjoy inspecting wildflowers such as lady slippers, trillium, or columbine, to name just a few.  I 've had the thrill of seeing bears, snakes, and baby minks while on various trails.  I love the oxymoron of having an adrenaline rush in the most peaceful setting that hiking affords.


I will share with you the experience of viewing Mount Rogers and Pine Mountain from rocky outcrops along the Twin Pinnacles Trail, one of several trails in Grayson Highlands which is fewer than three miles long.  I’ll guide you on the Rhododendron Trail to Wilburn Ridge as we search for wild ponies.  We’ll conclude our day with a visit to the picnic area, which features multiple attractions comprising a Homestead. 


I look forward to introducing you to a small piece of Virginia’s natural and regional history.

Second hike we have done with GoAT and Marion Outdoors, have had  an absolute blast both times :) We were able to make a quick stop by the store today on our way home and enjoyed beverages and a surprise, along w/a little shopping. Looking forward to future hikes!

Anet Crvich

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